2017 into 2018 news round-up

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Specialcats roundup 2017 25 years of service Eeks, another year and its been Specialcats’ 25th anniversary. This kind of landmark figure necessarily leads to review, rebuilding and redesign in many ways. People: Rosie focussed on health recovery, having ‘overdone it’ last year; Alan moved to building and maintenance as Katie took on wider roles then reined in when she found … Read More

Tap water in Ayrshire could kill

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Spring has now sprung,the frogs are breeding well, the ponds are full of spawn. I will be topping the ponds up with rainwater ONLY as Ayrshire tap water is now toxic to amphibians and fish since Scottish Water changed their disinfection processes at less than 2 weeks public notice. 2 Postcards were send out, one to businesses talking about protecting … Read More

What do I bring? The perennial question

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On the day: what to bring to the cattery (this is available as a printable form on our bookings page too) Your cat, nice and calm in a well secured travel basket. If you use a harness during car travel, it must be a well fitting and on arrival, your cat transferred to a basket for the walk from car … Read More

Updated paperwork

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Now I have finally remembered how to get into my own site (never said I was a techy!) I am adding our updated terms and conditions of boarding, together with information about data care. You may have heard about GDPR, if not, its a new set of personal data care requirements all users of personal data must comply with. As … Read More

more blowing of trumpets!

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From Harry’s mum Cathy, some new bookings and the sort of feedback that makes our day: “So pleased you can take him as he was the most relaxed I’ve ever seen him on taking him home from a cattery.” We were very glad to meet Harry too Cathy, thank you.

email playing up 28.1.17

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I am told there have been glitches with emails this weekend and  info@specialcats.co.uk has bounced. If bookings@specialcats.co.uk is not working either (please let me know if so) emergency email is via rosiestories@ymail.com. Sorry for any inconvenience while I check it out with the server. Rosie And all is well again, yippee!

Roadworks!! Check your access route 28/11-14/12/16

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Signs are up to warn that access via Mossblown to Annbank is blocked from 28/11/16-14/12/16. The good thing about living at a crossroads means three other ways are still available. via A70 and B744 after cattle market coming right through Annbank Village via A743 and B744 Ayr to Mauchline road near  Tarbolton via A7o and B742 at Coylton war memorial

When best friends fall out

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“Hi Rosie, Just a wee note to say thank you for looking after Charlie and giving him special treatment. He has been a wee honey since he came home and slept with molly the past two nights! I have ordered the Royal Canin Calm and I think he’s been looking for it as he’s not so impressed with the usual … Read More