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Rosie’s settled back at home now and coping with work- Its been strange being faced with an empty cattery but Jaime had refunded everyone up till October in case i didn’t get home from hospital quickly enough or I couldn’t work. After all, after a stroke there can be balance, brain and weakness issues.Thanks to all the healing help from friends, contacts, healing groups, my healing tutor and my chiropractic i have done exceptionally well. Now its mainly check-ups, blood tests and maintaining medication. All a bit tiresome but necessary. I need to satisfy DVLA’s criteria for safe driving also so I’m having eye tests etc. For this reason its helpful if you can keep to opening hours of 10-12 and 5-6 as I fit all this in. I see the consultant at the end of the month and have a CAT scan next week. So if anyone is looking for space in our usually busiest time of the year we may have space, don’t discount us! Today we have a healthy number of cats in residence and I’m coping with cleaning and care. It probably makes life easier that there is no longer a dog to walk, just Jimi to cuddle and hens to retrieve from the roadside (they will follow you out). Visitors are always welcome! Onwards and upwards. Rosie.