Specialcats does not sell or re-home kittens but the following contacts will help you find a kitten.

Don’t forget to try your local vet too.

Kittens are easiest to find in the summer holiday months and in early winter, since cats breed seasonally. Many rescues do not like to home kittens too near Christmas since they may be acquired as a present rather than as a new member of the family. They may agree to hold them for you till after the festivities though. Rescue kittens should be at least 6 to 8 weeks old when you receive them.

Local Rescue kitten sources:

Cats Protection South Ayrshire 0345 371 4216 (Rescue, rehoming and information)
Cats Protection East Ayrshire 0345 371 2715 (Rescue, rehoming and information)
Cats Protection North Ayrshire 0345 371 4218 (Rescue, rehoming and information)
Cats Protection Cumnock & Doon Valley 0345 371 4219 (Rescue, rehoming and information)
Cats Protection Glasgow shelter 0141 779 3341
Cat Action Trust 01563 525814 (Rescue, rehoming and information. Also may advise re. feral cats. Homes needed for timid cats)
Cat Chat (Rescue, rehoming and information) cats@catchat.org
Catflap 0141 423 3246 Rescue, rehoming and information email: catchemist@tiscali.co.uk
SSPCA (Scottish Society for the Prevention Cruelty to Animals) 01292 265975 Mainholm Shelter Ayr

Pedigree kittens:

It is a good idea to see different breeds and also the strains within a breed before you buy. Why not visit a cat show such as the Supreme (November, Birmingham), the National (December, London) or the Scottish (December, East Kilbride).
The General Council of Cat Fancy can provide information on finding and buying pedigree kittens and also list various show dates.
The Cat Association is an international body for showing cats.
Felis Britannica – Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe).

More advice.

  • The GCCF and the CA recommend that all kittens are house-trained, vaccinated and in good health before being placed in new homes. If a kitten doesn’t look healthy then don’t buy it, no matter how cute it seems.
  • Beware of buying under-age kittens. No reputable breeder will sell a kitten under 13 weeks of age.
  • Your kitten’s pedigree should show at least four generations. You can ask to see the pedigree at the outset, and make sure you get a copy when you collect your new kitten.
  • Ensure you are also given registration documents, a transfer of ownership form, and vaccination certificates.
  • You should also collect a diet sheet outlining the types of food the kitten is used to, and the appropriate times of feeding.
  • Most importantly, be sure to check that your kitten’s paperwork is in order at the time of the purchase, and check that you fully understand the conditions of sale.

Boarding kittens.

We do board kittens. Those up to 9 months of age may still be sexually entire, but after this age male boarders must be neutered to avoid upset to our other visitors. Vaccinations are required for all boarders except in exceptional circumstances and after discussion with your vet.  For kittens under 12 weeks of age please ‘phone 01292 520543 to discuss.