Good to be busy again

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Rosie and Oscar from Specialcats of Ayr

Its the October holidays and the cattery is full. I can’t tell you how wonderful that is. Bookings are beginning to come in for Christmas and next year too.

Specialcats is back in business!

The new kitchen nears completion- just needs the plumbing completed. I’m managing the cattery work fine with rest times and assistance from Shala. New cats have been to stay and their owners were happy with how they settled. its always good to have happy customers and be popular! I’ve ordered Christmas stocking gifts ready for the holiday, soon the lights will have to go up. Its getting darker at night and the heaters are on all the time to keep the chalets toasty. Winter hanging baskets are in progress. The seasons turn and our daft hens are moulting their feathers- hope they grow new ones quickly!