Rosie has studied many complementary therapies and gives esoteric (a cousin of reiki) or ‘spiritual healing’ to people and also to animals with permission from their veterinary surgeon. (This is a legal requirement and unlikely to be withheld.)

Healing may be given by absent or contact methods. Contact healing is what is often called ‘laying on of hands’. Animals do not have to be touched, they just sit or lie comfortably while the healer works about them. If the animal has had enough or does not want help it can move away, but usually they lie quietly, although they may look up quizzically at first as they sense heat or energy flowing into them.

The Healing Trust (was NFSH) defines spiritual healing as:

“The channelling of healing energies through a healer to a patient. It helps the patient to relax and enables their own self-healing capability to become effective and deal in the best possible way with the illness or injury. Patients generally find that ‘healing’ is a pleasant, relaxing experience and tend to feel sensations of being re-energised. Sometimes they feel hot or cold vibrations. Pain can often be dispersed or diminished.

Essentially healing energy is a force that surrounds and permeates all living things and does not work on a person’s particular ailment, rather it stimulates their ability to heal themselves. It is very much a holistic disipline, with the implicit belief that health is not simply a matter of being free of symptoms of disease, but of the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental harmony of the whole being.”

Rosie also uses crystals, sound and aromatherapy oils when working with people and places, as well as flower remedies. As the law stands, the British Small Animal Veterinary Association does not permit non-vets to use such therapies on other people’s animals, but you may legally treat your own animals yourself.

The basic ability to channel healing can be learned by anybody with an open mind and ability to focus love. More information about Spiritual Healing can be obtained by visiting the Healing Trust website.

Information about Esoteric Healing can be obtained from