Specialcats has been built by an ecologist with the Earth’s future in mind.

We try not to use toxic products unless essential to licensing and hygiene safety of us and the cats: disinfectants are used with care not to pollute soil or water table.

  • Cattery units are of wood ( FSC accredited material) as it can be regrown and preservative treatments are with pleasant organic nature-friendly products by Auro and Osmo.
  • Materials have been chosen for their ability to compost or be recycled at end of life.
  • High degrees of insulation are in place to reduce energy usage as well as keep temperatures even and pleasant.
  • Metal food tins are chosen over soft plastic containers as they recycle easier.
  • Asphalt has been replaced by natural rubber roofing.
  • Cat’s water is filtered of chlorine for their comfort and safety.
  • Having a chemically sensitive person in overall charge has environmentally friendly effects.
  • On site drainage (SUDS) has been addressed to keep water  flow moving. Consequential to conscious management we have watched the number of wild species on-site rise dramatically over the years.