Post-Covid bookings

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Looks like restrictions will soon relax. Already we have some cats staying and holiday companies are busy rescheduling vacations so we expect to be busy again soon. This is welcome of course but like all businesses we have to run to amended protocols. Here’s a guide:

Arrival and departures must be to pre=arranged times. We need to avoid too many people arriving on-site at once so please contact us in advance to ensure your own slot.

Upon arrival at the gates please telephone the number displayed and I’ll come to meet you at the gate. we need to keep the 2m distance rule.

Cats should be placed in their carriers outside the gate and I will carry them through to the cattery.

If you must settle your cat in yourself then only one person please and hands must be disinfected, as must basket handles and anything brought in. The 2m social distance rule must be observed.

This may mean you don’t bring as many comforting items as normal since they will lose their home smell. I will use calming sprays (Pet Remedy and feliway) instead unless you say not to.

Payments should be made by electronic means where possible: the booking form has the account details.

Cats will still receive cuddles and be handled to their comfort and need.

Cattery reception/shop can be entered by pre-arrangement to shop for cat food/toys/ grooming equipment or I am happy make suggestions and bring to your car. Items will have to be disinfected between handlings for safety.

Those who have paid deposits still have their deposit as credit, its moved to a future date by mutual agreement.

The cattery bathroom is available for use but please use the hand sanitisers available.

I am happy to do remedial grooming work using the protocol above.

Collection and delivery can only be by pre-arrangement and prepayment, allowing for disinfection procedures and to the doorstep to avoid physical contact.

I’m sorry to be so cautious at this moment, we are in a novel and uncertain situation and its important we all care for each others’ safety to continue the country’s recovery from this pandemic.