Post Covid recovery looks like a thing

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hen lying on dog at Specialcats of Ayr

With great relief I finally can write that business is really back unlike last year when more cancelled than came. Its so lovely seeing the cattery with the cats out sunbathing in the runs again. Most have adapted well to the gap since they last came, one or two need more tlc to settle to the old routine. We try and keep things consistent.
What changes do they see? Well most of the hens are behind an electric fence because of fox incursions; there are new dogs in the distance (puppy Cookie, Mads, Marlena (my two) and Sammy and Curi (Caitlin’s pair) Staff have changed to Erin and Caitlin as well as me doing overall supervision. The garden is still wild as ever, full of nesting birds helping themselves to my fruit but theres plenty to spare. The honeybees still fly from behind the cattery along with a nest of bumblebees. Wasps have to be dissuaded for safety reasons, wrens and bluetits raised young in the cattery corridors. A mouse rushed in and didn’t get out quick enough leaving one cat very smug.
We are mainly using the mobile phones for enquiries: 07800 985 564 direct to Rosie or 07704 753266 for Caitlin. Its good to have an information trail so texts and emails are welcome- use as thats most reliable or Facebook which goes to Business Suite and I pick up fine. WhatsApp if you like to my number: theres 9 platforms to check daily, almost a full-time job!