Relicensed to thrill!

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ginger cat Angus plays with a ball at Specialcats

Yesterday we had our annual inspection by Environmental health for our boarding license. I’m happy to say all went smoothly, the new kitchen was admired and as there are no changes the license will be renewed. The inspector was somewhat surprised to see me looking so well as he had heard how unwell I was with the stroke. That was in spring, now I am well and working.

Thank you

I have many thanks to give to those who supported me, sent healing, love and prayers, brought me veggie food supplies, visited, cared for my own pets so I had cuddles to come home to or have brought their pets here since June showing faith in me. Shala helps me run the business and we have a couple of part timers about to start to give me extra pairs of hands. Here’s to new beginnings and friendships!