Before opening Specialcats, Rosie trained and qualified as a veterinary nurse to ensure she had in depth experience in animal care, allowing owners to leave their pets in our care with complete peace of mind.

Veterinary Nursing has progressed a long way in the last 30 years (except for the pay!) and there is now even a VN degree course. Registered VNs can work all over the world as the qualification is well recognised and respected. Rightly so as there is a lot of work and experience involved in becoming a VN.

There are now many routes into animal care training, indeed Specialcats forms part of this by offering work experience placements for over 16 year olds, so that they can experience the reality of working out of doors, and caring for animals, or at least cats in our case.

Rosie tries to keep up to date with the profession and animal care generally, as well as having interests in behavioural and healing therapies(see healing section).
Vets frequently recommend Specialcats and send cats here for nursing and loving care, knowing that this will be given in close co-operation with the vet as and if necessary.

Those thinking of working with animals as a life path may like to check out animal care training at:
LANTRA Administer animal care courses website
Barony College, Dumfries. Run animal care courses. website
Elm College. Run animal care courses.
Oatridge College. Run animal care courses.
Harper Adams University College, Newport, Shropshire Run animal care courses.
South Staffordshire College Run animal care courses. website
BCA Run animal care courses. website
Holme Lacy College, Hereford. Run animal care courses.
Univ. Southampton, SO17 1BG Vet. Nursing degree and animal behaviour courses to degree level.
BVNA U.K. Animal nursing organisation. website
COAPE, SP3 6NQ Run animal behaviour courses
Scottish Academy of Grooming, 0141 887 1735 Run pet grooming courses.

International Cat Care Online cat care courses