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Hi Im finally well enough to update the website. As many will know from our facebook pages, Rosie(I) had a severe stroke in March, as some put it ‘out of the blue’ but really it was not, my heart had been under strain for some time and high blood pressure led to me going ‘pop’ and a blood clot lodging in my brain, making me more eccentric than ever! I have been in a succession of hospitals recovering. After Ayr for emergency admission it was Queen Elizabeth’s specialist neurology unit where many scans were done and they found the offending blood clot in cerebellum and started warfarin and other anticoagulants to break it down. its not an operable sort, I am glad they are not cutting holes in my head! After that i was sent to Irvine:to the Douglas Grant rehab ward from where I write and am being prepared for home. My memory and vocabulary is returning and physically I am strong, thanks to much healing help from friends around the world and good nursing care. Occupational therapy and Physiotherapy have finished with me, saying ‘ keep up the yoga and dance’ which I will and add in cycling asap.Now I just wait on my blood concentration to come down so I can be released. Over-thick blood is not safe as more clots could occur. There will be some recuperation time at home but the cattery will reopen as soon as possible. Its been awful having it closed in April, May and June and so sad to see it empty when I have returned to visit. Once home my hens and cat can return to keep me company, kind folk have fostered them to keep them safe for me.The bees are doing fine. More anon, and cheerier, Rosie