Stuff the doom and gloom, I’m planning for a caring future

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Its been getting too gloomy lately, not that I don’t understand the realities of a Covid environment but I also wish to live in a positive world where caring for each other’s needs is a given. Maybe the pandemic will change social care and our excessive use of the planet’s resources by bringing us into contact with gardening and nature again.

I’ve made my commitment to the cattery continuing as a place of excellent caring. The hefty insurance bill has been paid, modifications planned for new DEFRA animal care regulations (which have not been implemented in Scotland yet), new staff being planned for and builders consulted re final re-roofing work. Once restrictions relax beginners bread-making and preserving workshops will be started to offer skills for us to make better use of resources and source more nutritious food.
My new cat is settling in-you may see Samson in the garden as he hops about(he has a maimed hind limb) and a new dog is imminent once we find an escort for her from Montenegro.
The apples have fruited well, the hedgerows have provided rich rewards, I just have to remember how to deal with it all. Recovery and renewal time.
Meanwhile the cattery has to run to stricter rules to keep us safe and Covid-right.
1. On booking please provide a booking form and pay your deposit by bacs/online if possible. Vaccine records and forms can be supplied by email/messenger/WhatsApp.
2. Book an arrival time slot by phoning 07800 985 564. That way we can minimise who is on-site at any one time and allow for disinfection between visits. Not that I think you are a problem, just we must assume that carriers will be unsymptomatic and hard to identify so everyone is potential infectee. To keep the most vulnerable safe we must minimise contact/shared air and maximise cleanliness.
3. Bring less bedding than usual-one item with home scent should suffice. Likewise less toys.
4. Take advantage of hand gels available onsite to disinfect hands on arrival and leaving: one at gate, another in bathroom. Or bring your own if preferred.
5. Pay online if you can. I can text you a balance once I know your collection date.
6. Masks are advisable in the office and inside the cattery chalets. I have medical exemption so please don’t be offended if I am not masked. If its an issue for you I can wear one for a brief period. Just let me know.
7. When you know your collection date please set a time you can commit to, again to avoid overlapping customers.Its not my preference, its to reduce Covid risk.Lets all be safe and responsible.
8. It goes almost without saying that if you have been in contact with anyone who may be Covid positive or you have had symptoms of persistent cough, loss of taste or high fever, you should say so we can both self-isolate and get tested to protect the community. Ideally in those circumstances you would not be travelling or socially mixing. Lets all be sensible, responsible and protect our NHS and elderly in particular.