Specialcats’ Newsletter 2023

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This year has been challenging for most and world events have shocked and dismayed many. The pandemic aftermath begins to heal though many lessons apparently have not been learnt. Where went appreciation for those who serve us? It seems people get more entitled as their response to challenge, not more grateful. We are all in this together, however we feel … Read More

2022 in review at Specialcats

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2022 started slowly, ducking gales and having to bath a cat! that’s a rare unloved act for a feline but others followed! Winter de-shedding work recommenced and was my main income till April. Regular boarders started to return, older but no wiser. I sacked the gardener, preferring to maintain the land my way not rely on others who don’t respect … Read More

Post Covid recovery looks like a thing

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hen lying on dog at Specialcats of Ayr

With great relief I finally can write that business is really back unlike last year when more cancelled than came. Its so lovely seeing the cattery with the cats out sunbathing in the runs again. Most have adapted well to the gap since they last came, one or two need more tlc to settle to the old routine. We try … Read More

Post-Covid bookings

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Looks like restrictions will soon relax. Already we have some cats staying and holiday companies are busy rescheduling vacations so we expect to be busy again soon. This is welcome of course but like all businesses we have to run to amended protocols. Here’s a guide: Arrival and departures must be to pre=arranged times. We need to avoid too many … Read More

Good to be busy again

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Rosie and Oscar from Specialcats of Ayr

Its the October holidays and the cattery is full. I can’t tell you how wonderful that is. Bookings are beginning to come in for Christmas and next year too. Specialcats is back in business! The new kitchen nears completion- just needs the plumbing completed. I’m managing the cattery work fine with rest times and assistance from Shala. New cats have … Read More

Relicensed to thrill!

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ginger cat Angus plays with a ball at Specialcats

Yesterday we had our annual inspection by Environmental health for our boarding license. I’m happy to say all went smoothly, the new kitchen was admired and as there are no changes the license will be renewed. The inspector was somewhat surprised to see me looking so well as he had heard how unwell I was with the stroke. That was … Read More

Recovery blog

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Theres been some interest in my illness and recovery which is sweet so i thought i would infill a little more. On 18/3 I had a stroke which was caused by a blood clot lodged in a vessel in my cerebellum. My blood pressure had been rising and I had seen the doctor before this time and received tablets to … Read More

Holiday space

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Rosie’s settled back at home now and coping with work- Its been strange being faced with an empty cattery but Jaime had refunded everyone up till October in case i didn’t get home from hospital quickly enough or I couldn’t work. After all, after a stroke there can be balance, brain and weakness issues.Thanks to all the healing help from … Read More

coming home

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Good news: At last! my bloods satisfy the criteria for safe return and i am being released from hospital care this weekend. I am still in recovery (remind me, Im not a good patient) so will be taking things easy at first. Once I am settled back into self-care (I haven’t done that since March) I will be looking to … Read More