Tap water in Ayrshire could kill

Rosie Mapplebeckcattery, Specialcats News


one of our resident frogs

Spring has now sprung,the frogs are breeding well, the ponds are full of spawn. I will be topping the ponds up with rainwater ONLY as Ayrshire tap water is now toxic to amphibians and fish since Scottish Water changed their disinfection processes at less than 2 weeks public notice. 2 Postcards were send out, one to businesses talking about protecting assets, one to homes saying about fish. In the small print was a sentence saying tap water will be chloraminated rather than chlorinated in future. This means some ammonia is added to bind with and stabilise the chlorine so its stays in systems longer.
Scottish Water gave further information links which did not work. More research made me ask many questions. There is now, after pressure from people like us, an FAQ sheet on their website which answers some questions. They have answered some of our questions, not all and we await their response either direct or indirect as they are being questioned about this introduction by the Scottish Parliamentary Environmental and Climate Change Committee on 17th April.
We are now hastily looking into collecting and pressure washing with rainwater to avoid hurting the adult amphibians and delicate flora about the cattery. The cats will continue to be supplied filtered water as we are changing to a chloramine remover. Ordinary chlorine filters and boiling or standing the water WILL NOT WORK! You must have slow filtration, activated carbon/charcoal and an ion exchanger to provoke the breakdown of the chemical bond and release that chlorine. Bottled spring water could be over high in minerals for cats so take the advice of your vet. Scottish Water continue to say that human/animal digestive systems deal with it.