What do I bring? The perennial question

Rosie MapplebeckSpecialcats News

On the day: what to bring to the cattery (this is available as a printable form on our bookings page too)

Your cat, nice and calm in a well secured travel basket.

If you use a harness during car travel, it must be a well fitting and on arrival, your cat transferred to a basket for the walk from car to cattery please.

Your vaccination certificates.

Chip identification number if not already provided.

Any medication in a sealed labelled plastic box, we will go over instructions together, a written note is also helpful.

An item of bedding or clothing from home to introduce the familiar scent. Keep separate from travel basket please in case of accidents. Items must be machine washable.

(optional) Scratching post if this helps.

(optional) Cat litter tray if very sensitive in this regard.

Prescription diets or unusual food items. We can supply most if given at least seven days to source this.

Note of your emergency contact number and/or mobile phone/email and a nominated local emergency contact number.

Note of the most recent date of flea treatment and worm treatment and makes if your cat goes outside.

Yourself: nice and calm, applying rescue remedy if need be! Your confidence and peace of mind will reassure your cat all is well and help a lot. That’s why we like practice visits in advance: this prepares you too.

We have spares of most things you can think of including treats, just ask us.

If you or your cat would be unduly concerned by our elderly dog sitting in the driveway let us know, we can send her back to bed.

If you need collection for delivery service please let us know in advance so we can plan activities.

If you can’t arrive in our normal reception hours (10 to 12 and 5 to 6 ) let us know in advance please so we can plan our day to run smoothly and calmly.