When best friends fall out

Rosie MapplebeckSpecialcats News

“Hi Rosie,

Just a wee note to say thank you for looking after Charlie and giving him special treatment. He has been a wee honey since he came home and slept with molly the past two nights! I have ordered the Royal Canin Calm and I think he’s been looking for it as he’s not so impressed with the usual food.
Anyway, thanks again for all the care and attention you gave to the boys, it’s very much appreciated.
Helen x”
So what was that about? Charlie is a highly strung red-head of a cat who has recently moved house. Though thats to a rural home, there are now cats close by on both sides of him and he is feeling over-crowded and resource-threatened. Then when he comes home theres a second cat there he never asked for. So he gets cross. This is from Charlie’s viewpoint of course. Then ‘they’ put him in a cattery with the other cat for 2 weeks, no escaping from him. Naturally he is fuming!  And I mean raging!
Its important for all in the cattery that this kind of angst is dealt with promptly as it affects everyone.We shut the other cats in that block into their chalets temporarily and let Charlie roam the locked corridor to let off steam; gave him blankets, sit and view spaces, litter tray and unlimited food (Royal Canin ‘Calm’ cat food with added tryptophan which chills cats out). Then a healing session followed and we let him be. 36 hours later he was able to rejoin his companion, although we kept a wary eye on their relationship. It is good to know the calming effect is lasting for him.
 Contentment is also contagious which is why we try to maximise peace for us all.