Introducing a new kitty to others

Rosie MapplebeckSpecialcats News

We are officially a four cat family again, since Pat has moved in with 12 year old tortie cat Miss Molly-Bolly. Molly has been slowly introduced to the rest of the gang. She thinks very little of the dogs (they smell!) but is getting along surprisingly well with Jimi Hendrix, while Tiddler pretends she does not exist.

As long as key resources are not threatened, cats can accommodate a lot of change. 19 year old Tiddler’s priorities are: AGA, food, cushion on sofa, food, Rosie, AGA, litter tray where SHE wants it, food, cuddles from Alan at 7.30am, food, AGA, Rosie’s bed if Rosie is in it. Molly’s priorities seem to be food, Pat, nest in Pat’s bed, sunshiny spot outdoors, food, etc. etc. So to keep our peace the most important thing is to ensure the cats have security about their food supply.

No problem! Feliway pheromone spray was used regularly for a few weeks. We have a baby gate in place too. Slow introductions are the key to successful progress. Guess that goes for people too?